Open Water Swimming


Open water swimming gives you the freedom to explore, to swim at your own pace, to get expert guidance on swimming techniques and safety, and to enjoy swimming’s social side.  Get away from the hustle and bustle and relax in the natural environment around you. Train from a new perspective. Meet like-minded swimmers and make new friends. As athletes, we are always looking for the best way to train for maximum gains in and out of the water as well as recovering properly so we are ready for the next swim! We work with swimmers from the age of 5 to 75+.

Sessions begin with instruction on technique and advice for open-water swimming with a professional coach. Then you get in the sea for an invigorating swim to stretch, breathe and warm up, taking you past the beautiful Cayman coastline and enjoying the crystal blue waters beneath. Enjoy the specific training focus of private sessions or join a group session to push yourself in more race specific conditions.

Throughout our training, we will also provide dry land exercises that will prepare your body for a full workout to your maximum output and can provide general sports nutrition advice for event training and recovery.

A fantastic experience for any ocean swimmer that combines fun, nature, and maximum training gains!

You may even wish to combine your sessions with one of our Online Training Plans. This will help provide you with the 360° guidance which will help you reach your goals even faster.


one-on-one with coach


small group or event specific