Personal Training

Did you know that we also offer personal training? Let’s work together to design a program that will help you reach real and attainable fitness goals. There is no use in saying you want to “Get Fit and Healthy” but have no idea how you are going to get there or how you are going to do it!

Through proper exercise technique and progressions you will be pushed to your limits (safely), but each workout will bring you closer to the body and the healthy lifestyle you want and need. Take the guess-work out of working out! Contact us now to get started!

Single Sessions or 5, 10, 15, 20 pack. Schedule a consultation before committing to our discounted personal training packs.

General Consultation/Coaching Call

Online consultations/coaching calls are geared more towards the self-coached athlete and can cover a wide variety of topics.  A general consultation is also a helpful tool for athletes that are on the customised monthly plan or have purchased a pre-written training plan and need some extra support. Online personal coaching clients may also purchase this as an extra coaching call.

How It Works:

Schedule a call using our online scheduling software at a time convenient for you.  Each call will last up to 45 minutes to discuss anything the athlete would like relative to triathlon and endurance sports coaching.  To make the most of the time available, it works best if the athlete provides a list of what they would like to discuss prior to the consult so the coach can properly prepare.  Ideas for discussion may include, but are not limited to:

  • Triathlon training plans and how to make adjustments

  • Use of power meter or heart rate and setting training zones

  • Goals, racing potential, body composition

  • Data analysis

  • General and race day nutrition

  • Race day strategy, execution and pacing

  • Post-race analysis

  • Biomechanics and drills to help correct imbalances

  • Injury prevention and recovery following injury

eGift card or Gift Certificate

An eGift Card or Gift Certificate is ideal for the triathlete, endurance sport athlete or fitness enthusiast that is hard to shop for.  The best part is there's no dealing with traffic, no waiting in line and no shipping.

Virtual eGift Cards will arrive directly into your recipient’s email inbox and may be used as credit towards any Triformations coaching service or training plan.  Printed Gift Certificates are also available for purchase.