Personal 1-on-1 Online Triathlon Coaching

Are you looking to get more out of your training? Maybe you have been following a one-size-fits-all plan that doesn’t quite fit you anymore.  Maybe you have signed up for a longer distance than you’ve ever tried before or maybe you travel a lot and need more flexibility in your training plan.  We are here to help you train in a more targeted, efficient way, so that you can achieve your triathlon and multisport goals whatever they might be.  

Hiring an online triathlon coach means getting the right workout, with the right intensity, volume and duration at the right time.  It means targeted training created with your unique physiology, challenges and goals in mind, that evolves as you do.  All you need is the grit, determination and passion to make your goals a reality.


We offer *three levels of personal coaching packages, Gold, Platinum and Executive.  These packages, however, are not to be confused with race distance or level of experience ranking approaches (e.g. beginner, intermediate, advanced).  The main differences between them is in the emphasis of coaching support that is offered and the pricing directly reflects the work time involved, flexibility of approach and level of customization.

*If none of these packages suit what you are looking for, please contact us and we can work together to prepare one just for you.

All monthly online triathlon coaching packages include:

Basic outline of your schedule in TrainingPeaks

Basic outline of your schedule in TrainingPeaks

  • Comprehensive athlete induction call to establish goals, weekly schedule and other essential information

  • Individualized high performance training plan that is tailored to your schedule, level of time commitment, ability and equipment available

  • 45-minute coaching call(s) via phone call, online meeting, or Skype/Facetime

  • Free Triformations Performance Running Visor when you sign up for 4+ months

  • Free mobile app for iOS and Android so you can access your workouts from a mobile phone or tablet and log workouts and data for analysis

  • Initial field tests to identify your individual strengths/limitations and determine your personal heart rate/power training zones

  • Sport specific workouts that focus on technique and biomechanics, endurance, strength, power, speed, and race performance

  • Support in all preparation and performance factors from tapering, race execution and nutrition strategies, and season planning

  • Regular feedback from your coach and plan adjustments based on your progress and level of coaching package selected

Get Started Now!


Step 1:  Contact us to schedule your FREE consultation and determine the best coaching package for you.

Step 2:  Purchase your package below and complete the athlete induction forms we send you.

Step 3Schedule your induction call with your coach.

Step 4:  Within 48 hours of that call you will receive your first block of training from your coach.

Step 5:  Have fun, work hard and TRANSFORM YOURSELF!!


Gold Package

The Gold Personal Coaching Package is designed for the motivated athlete who needs a customized training plan, but does not require a lot of communication or adjustments to their training schedule. This plan may also be a great entry point for the athlete new to coaching, or the seasoned athlete who needs occasional feedback, analysis, and communication with their coach. This plan includes a basic TrainingPeaks account and one coaching call per month.  

US$199 per month*.  No minimum commitment period.


The Platinum Personal Coaching Package is designed for the athlete who has specific training goals in mind and wants to take their training to the next level. This plan is great for the athlete who needs a customized training plan built with regular feedback, analysis, and communication with their coach. This plan includes a premium TrainingPeaks account and two coaching calls per month to keep you on track.  

US$249* per month.  No minimum commitment period.


The Executive Personal Coaching Package is designed for serious athletes who have challenging schedules and require a high level of flexibility and customization to their training plan or have high performance goals. At this level, we offer our athletes more input, interaction, and communication with their coach, resulting in a more concise and focused program. This plan includes a premium TrainingPeaks account and four coaching calls per month to keep you on track.  

US$299* per month.  No minimum commitment period.

*A one-time only set up fee of US$75 is charged for every new athlete which goes toward the initial time the coach will spend with you to get you going quickly!  Since we do not use a pre-written plan for our personal coaching athletes, several hours of back and forth communication will initially take place between the athlete and coach.  

There is NO minimum commitment period to sign up as our coaching packages are offered on a month-to-month basis.  Discounts are available to those who sign up for four months or more.  Please email us at for further details.