where do i start?

We remember what it was like when we decided to sign up for our first event and how helpful it was when we found someone who had walked in those boots before and could answer some of our questions.  With so much information available online these days, where in the world do you start?!  Why not start off on the right foot with an experienced and knowledgeable coach?   

You have already taken the first step by visiting our site so you have nothing to lose!

Set up a FREE call now to talk with our Coach and chat more about your next steps to finishing your first race!

More importantly, just get out there and do something...anything!  Go for a 30 minute walk around the neighbourhood, do a few lengths in the pool, take the family out for a bike ride through the trails - any of these are a great place to start!  

New Fish? We've Been There!!

New Fish? We've Been There!!

Can you picture yourself crossing the finish line?