Small Group Running Classes

We begin the class with a proper dynamic warm up, followed by technique work and run workouts suitable to your individual fitness level and goals, then finish up with a cool down and relaxing stretch at the end!

Come join us and meet some new friends at the same time!


women only beginner running group

Come Join Our Special Women Only Group!

Early mornings or evenings available in the Prospect/South Sound Area or along SMB.

We invite women of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds to join us!

For women especially, the social aspects of training in a group with other supportive women, whether it be for a race or to improve their general fitness, are what makes it possible and can be life-changing in some respects. Re-imagine what you can achieve!


CO-ED beginner running group

It is as simple as it sounds. If you've never been a runner and want to learn proper running technique and increase your endurance gradually and safely then this is the class for you!

Contact us below if you are interested in joining this group!



intermediate and advanced running classes

Contact us for more information on these classes.

If you would like to start a small group class in your area, please reach out to us!