Payment Instructions

All registration fees must be paid in advance to secure your registration in a class or private session. There are limited spots available in group classes.

We currently accept the following payment options:

  • Online money transfer or bill payment to our KYD account with Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited ("BOB") – please select “Cayman Triathlon Coaching Ltd.” from the pull-down menu if you are registering us as a payee;

  • Cash (KYD currency only); and

  • Local Cheque (made out to “Cayman Triathlon Coaching Ltd. T/A Triformations).

If you are paying by online money transfer (either by internal transfer, if you have a BOB account, or by domestic transfer if you have an account with another bank), please note the following details:

Beneficiary Name: Cayman Triathlon Coaching Ltd. T/A Triformations

Beneficiary Account No.: 1361733200019

Once confirmation is received from your bank, kindly send a quick WhatsApp message to 1 (345) 928-9415 or email to so we can confirm safe receipt and secure your registration.

Thank you!