Run Coaching


Face-to-Face Run Coaching with Coach Kara is back in the Cayman Islands!

Geared toward runners of all levels, from newcomers to experienced competitive racers, these workouts offer fully coached sessions, camaraderie, and the inspiration that comes from running with others. Whether your goal is to run your first race, set a personal best or just improve your general fitness, you’ll find a welcoming atmosphere with a coach who encourages you to pursue your goals but still have FUN!

We will work on things such as running form and technique, injury prevention/recovery, improving speed/power, pacing and building endurance/stamina.

If you have an existing injury or are returning to running after injury, no fear! We are more than happy to work in collaboration with your healthcare provider to give you a holistic approach to your running, health and fitness.

You may even wish to combine your sessions with one of our Online Training Plans. This will help provide you with the 360° guidance which will help you reach your goals even faster.




small group or event specific