Youth and Junior

At Triformations our aim is simple - to help build a generation of healthy, active and responsible kids and young adults. The variety of training involved with the sport of triathlon helps keep things fresh and interesting and will really motivate and inspire your children. It teaches the values of hard-work, persistence/not giving up and self-confidence. Above all, it will keep your children, fit, active, happy and healthy! We offer the perfect launching pad for a youngster to break into the sport.

What is Triathlon?

Triathlon is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, and kids in triathlon are a vital part of this trend. There is no better way for any child to experience the benefits of a healthy lifestyle focused on daily exercise and good nutrition.

So what exactly is a triathlon? A triathlon is a multisport event involving swimming, cycling, running and the fourth discipline…..transition (which means finishing one part of the race and moving straight onto the next one without a break). One of the best things about triathlon though is that it is an inclusive sport. Anyone can join at any level and there are opportunities for all abilities - no one is EVER left out or left behind.

  1. SWIM - a triathlon starts with a swim either in a pool or open water for the older more experienced kids - typically freestyle/front crawl stroke. As they complete their swim, they will enter the transition area.

  2. BIKE - once in transition, the next step is to put on their helmet and hop on the bike. Any type of bike is OK as long as it is safe and roadworthy. After completing their bike ride, they will re-enter transition and drop-off their bike.

  3. RUN - once they have racked their bike, they will head out for the run which is the last part of the race and they are done!

There are also other multisport events and combinations such as an Aquathlon (swim followed by a run) and a Duathlon (run, then bike, then run again).

Whether your child is a beginner, or a competitive young adult already involved in sport, there is something for everyone. The training sessions are open to children and teens aged 6 to 19 years old, and the emphasis is on enjoyment and having fun! To take part, athletes will need a safe roadworthy bike, a properly fitted helmet, running shoes, swimsuit and some goggles. Please contact us now for more information!


Swim. Bike. Run. Fun.

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