How to Ensure You Receive Our Emails!

Depending on your email provider and their efforts to limit the amount of SPAM, you may lose some good emails because they get caught up in filters or don't ever even get delivered.  

You especially don't want to miss any emails from us with any links/confirmations/registrations/invoices for of any services or products you have signed up for or purchased!

So, to make sure you get your stuff from us, you need to take a few steps (don't worry, it will take less than a minute).


  1. Locate any emails from us ( They may have landed in a junk/spam folder so check there too.

  2. Drag the email directly into your Inbox Folder or your Primary Folder in your email.

  3. If it asks you if you should do this for all future messages, click yes.

  4. Add our email addresses to your address/contact book and this will ensure you never miss an email from us.

If you need further help with your specific email provider and ensuring you never miss any important emails, please let us know at and we will help you out.  

'Til next time!

Coach Kara