Here is just a small sampling of the athletes we've helped over the years!

Kara developed an individualized program for me that combined running, where she reviewed different techniques, with strength training. She developed this program after a session with me where she established what my needs and goals were. Kara also encouraged me to participate in races, which I did and continued to do so after our sessions ended. I was able to use techniques learned during our sessions when jogging on my own or with other groups. I found Kara to be very personable and friendly and flexible with her schedule. She is attentive, provides motivation and she is very reliable.
— Camilla
Kara, whose holistic approach to training quickly took my preparation to another level, providing me with expert guidance and information on everything from sports nutritional advice to preparing my weekly training schedule and making adjustments as needed. The flexibility I was able to employ was also a key factor, as Kara was able to fit the training around my life schedule and family commitments.
Being a bit of a tech geek, I loved how technologically interactive the program was; we dealt solely via email and via the online software program she uses. I was able to get my daily workouts sent directly to my iPhone allowing me to easily follow the workout and upload my data from my Garmin and power meter upon completion. Kara was able to give some great feedback on the workouts based on the data she received from my training and the comments I provided her with.
One of the biggest benefits I derived was the nutritional and hydration advice she provided me with. It literally changed my entire experience for the better! Throughout my time working with Kara, I became more energy efficient during the both cycle and the run, seeing vast improvements not just with the workouts themselves but the recovery aspect of the training as well.
Even though the swim portion of my Ironman was cancelled at the last minute due to riptides, I feel confident that Kara’s help in preparing me, enabled me to reach my goals on the bike and the run with a final time of 10:40 and in addition, feel confident that the training I had done would have resulted in a great swim as well. While Kara and I started working together fairly late into my Ironman training program I know that the knowledge and confidence I gained from working with Kara was instrumental for me reaching my goals in the race. I definitely could not have been this prepared both physically and mentally without her invaluable advice and tri-wisdom.
In fact, I plan on contacting Kara again to help me with my training for another Ironman I have planned this September.
— Daniel
With being away from exercise for so long, I was skeptical about my ability to handle a training load to prepare for the 10k run portion of the Olympic distance triathlon. However, after only my first six weeks of training with Kara, I completed my goal with a huge smile on my face and without injury. Not only that but Kara has helped me with other running successes that I would have never thought possible and motivated me to pursue other areas of my fitness as well. I attribute these achievements directly to the coaching from Kara as she provided me the confidence and knowledge to learn to run safely and efficiently. She helped me with everything from developing proper running form and technique, pacing, and race preparation to mental toughness.
— Tanya
Kara’s positive attitude and high energy was truly outstanding along with her dedication to provide helpful, individualized instruction to her clients. In addition to providing an effective and comprehensive fitness program, Kara was always willing to go to extra mile, whether emailing additional exercises/stretches or taking time to answer questions.
— Jennifer
I believe that there are a lot of people of all ages that will benefit not only from her hard working and caring attitude but also from her complete attention to detail when it comes to giving the best advice and support to suit each individual.
— Fiona
Kara has always conducted herself in a conscientious and professional manner. She is honest, hardworking and dependable.
— Shawn
During our sessions, I found Kara to be completely professional and the workouts very interesting and varied. Kara really has a knack for personal training and knows how to push you as hard as you can possibly go, without the risk of injury.
— Shelly
Her training plans have drastically reduced the number of injuries I suffer in my football games. Due to the training I have undergone with Kara, I have improved from being unable to run a mile without stopping to easily completing a 4 mile relay leg in 9.5 minute miles while I managed to complete a 1 Mile Sea Swim in 34 minutes.
— Philip