New Fitness Devices Coming Soon

Check Out These New Devices


Samsung’s new fitness smart band looks like it’s going to be able to support Spotify offline and also be water resistant up to 165 feet!  Wow that’s really going to help if you want to listen to your music and train in the water. 

Take a look at the review on the Verge and see whether this is going to be your new fitness gadget.

To go along with your new device you’re going to need some waterproof headphones so take a look at the reviews for the top ten headphones that will enable you to train and listen to your music whether you’re in the pool or the ocean.  Toptenreviews

TomTom is well known for their GPS tracking devices for your car but they are about to move into the world of fitness which will include GPS tracking.  The TomTom Spark 3 Fitness Tracker will help you “train with up to 500 songs and your heart rate on your wrist.”  Read this review on Vagabondish and decide whether this is the device for you.  

photo credit: martin.rechsteiner TomTom Spark Cardio + Music via photopin (license)

Sarasota Soon Come!

One disadvantage to coaching my athletes online is that I don't always get to meet them in person.  We meet regularly with each other through video conferencing or may see each other at a race or a training camp but sometimes it is nice just to sit down with your coach and have a chat over coffee (or whatever your bevvy of choice may be!).

On November 13th, 14th and 15th, I will be visiting the Sarasota, Florida area and am offering you the chance to do just that...and it's FREE!

We can discuss anything you would like relative to triathlon and multisport training and racing just as we would during a regular online general consultation.  Such topics may include things like your goals for 2017, race fueling, planning and training, sport biomechanics and/or use of power or heart rate.  For the new triathlete, we can discuss things like equipment selection or what a typical training plan/schedule looks like and what races you may want to sign up for.  The other option is just to hang out, have a coffee and chat about the trilife :-)

I've set up lots of available times to meet so please pick whichever one suits you best.  You can access the online scheduling system HERE

I look forward to seeing you there!

Coach Kara