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In-Person and Online

Triathlon Coaching and Fitness Training

Triformations offers a unique approach to triathlon and endurance training success by offering its athletes the choice of a completely online and highly accessible triathlon coaching program or in-person coaching for those seeking a more personalised experience with one-on-one interaction.  Whether you are training for your first triathlon, a 5k Race or an Ironman distance triathlon, we are experts at working with athletes who are juggling different priorities in their life, including family, work and travel.  We recognise that in order for our busy athletes to reach their goals, they require the reliability, flexibility and convenience of a professional coach they can access wherever they may be and whenever it fits into their schedule.


All of our online coaching services and training plans are delivered via virtual coaching arrangements which allows us to work with athletes around the globe.  You choose whether you want to interact with your coach by online video conference, by phone or by email and your workouts can be delivered straight to your tablet, smartphone or even your GPS watch!  

Each personal coaching program, whether online or in-person, is tailored to the unique physiology, goals and other extrinsic factors specific to the athlete themselves, not by a computer generated algorithm created for the general population.  We start by scheduling a comprehensive induction meeting with you to discuss your goals, athletic ability, time and equipment available and then create a scientifically-based, periodised training program just for you.  Your fatigue and fitness levels are regularly monitored by your coach and your workouts are adjusted based on how well your training load and recovery periods are balancing to ensure that you are training effectively and with purpose for peak performance.   All you need to do is put in the time and the effort and enjoy the journey.

Training for a race is supposed to be fun and should help enhance our lives, not complicate them.  Let us help!

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